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That Teacher Network

That Teacher Network

Empowering bold, authentic educators to achieve their next milestone together.

What is That Teacher Network?

This private, paid network is for educators looking for opportunities to lead and grow. 

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Welcome! Here's all the info you're looking for.

Welcome! You’re joining a group of bold, curious, authentic, growth-minded members passionate about the power of community. You're looking to co-create a space so powerful it could shift the course of your entire life.

We Built That Teacher Network to Start a Movement

You may be asking yourself, “Should I be here?” or “Is That Teacher Network for me?” That makes total sense to us! 

We’ve built That Teacher Network for educators: 

  • Intrigued by the potential of finding their next big thing but looking for inspiration and clarity.

  • Seeking something more—more impact, more purpose, more scale, or more profit—from your already awesome personal and professional growth journey.

  • Ready to level up—finally bringing more pieces of your path for growth together in one place for easier access to the resources, support, and community to keep you moving forward.

  • Looking for the easiest, most FUN way to connect with like-minded educators both in the classroom and outside the classroom for sharing wins, venting, laughing, and so much more!  

We are going to share with you an entirely different way to get support in your path to growth. 

But That Teacher Network has a bigger purpose. 

See, we’re obsessed with giving you the joy, purpose, and fulfillment you were looking for when you set out on a path to impact education. 

Maybe you stayed on that path, or maybe you seemingly "ventured off course". We're here to tell you that neither of those decisions are wrong... even when the world tells you differently.

Strong, supportive communities are the single most powerful way for educators to:

  • Navigate their ever-changing visions and life phases.

  • Get inspired to find the next thing that will bring back the spark.

  • Get results and support nearly impossible to get on your own.

As more people spend less time on social media, it's harder to find a place where you can get access to richer, more rewarding, and more fulfilling experiences. THIS is your place.

This network is ever-growing, shaping, and evolving based on your needs. We believe it is necessary for the world to exist, and you're here to make it happen!

How a Co-Created Community Works

This is not another Facebook group. And it's not a one-sided community space. It's not an online course. To remain in That Teacher Network, we ask you to give and take. Before you join, think about how you might add value to this space to make it the grassroots support system educators desperately need.

It’s so much easier than you think. (And we believe this is the community of the future.)

Inside, you can:

  • Add discussion questions to get people thinking, having fun, and sharing

  • Host a live event on Zoom-- give a micro-talk, host a game-night or something else!

  • Organize and host a live summit where you bring together lots of different speakers

  • Facilitate a Room and collect TTN Tokens for getting your Room engaged

  • Host a live chat room with questions and games

  • Share an article or another resource that inspires or guides you

  • Send a dm and set up a coffee chat with another member

  • Start a mastermind or accountability group

  • Host a co-working session

  • Invite a guest to come in the community for a live event or pre-recorded masterclass

  • Write a public-facing blog post for our website (helps us grow!)

  • Share The Network with fellow bold and innovative educators

  • Vote on group changes, causes to donate to, and other fun things

  • Grab some swag and show it off on social!

  • Collect badges for participating and rank on the leaderboard

  • Cash in TTN Tokens for gift cards & swag

We’ll help facilitate your ideas by hosting your livestreams, guides, workshops, and conversations in The Network. You’ll also meet amazing fellow educators like you on a similar path. 

Get Started

Ready to get this party started? Here's what you'll do.

Choose a Plan - Your membership fees go toward upkeep costs, charity donations, gift card and swag giveaways, and paying team members and founders. Our pricing remains fair to cover costs, give you some skin in the game, and make being a member as easy as grabbing a couple of lattes a month!

Take a Tour - Watch a tour introducing you to That Teacer Network and showing you around the beginnings of our co-created space. (It will grow with time and engagement from YOU!)

Set up Your Profile - Once you're inside, you'll bookmark the page and download the app. You'll want to fill out your profile and start connecting with other members. You can find members by commonalities, including specialty areas and geographic location. (We are ALL for in-person meetups. Is that a retreat we see in our future?!)

That Teacher Network Culture

Now, if you’ve made it this far, you’re going to love this part. The culture of That Teacher Network can be captured in a few quick things: 

Join in. Start a discussion, add to a discussion, and reach out through dms to establish connections. RSVP to events and get the party started!

Tag and Share. See two members who should be connected? You can be the bridge! Make an introduction. Share the community to refer members, and be sure to brag about this space on social media. The more growth-minded people, the better!

Check in. This is your new safe space. Check in daily for at least 21 days to cheer someone on, add value, or share a resource. Let's make this a habit!

Don’t promote. In addition to being generally cool, we ask that you don’t promote, spam members, or promote your program or offer. This is a GIVE FIRST community! Want to tell people about your services? Add your info to our Services board. Want to promote your product? Host a live event, record a masterclass, or write a guest blog post. You'll be able to promote lightly there.

Who’s Behind That Teacher Network?

That Teacher Network is brought to you as a service of several innovators and connectors like yourself. Throughout The Network, you’ll be seeing our That Teacher Network team:

  • Alissa McDonald, Founder and Community Lead
  • Alexandra Brady, Community Manager
  • Jamie Jasperson, Community Lead
  • Nicole Scanlan, Operations and Support
  • Caitie Cupples, Marketing Lead
  • Several other volunteer Room Facilitators (you can volunteer, too!)

Looking for Support?

If you’ve got support questions, the best place to get help is by sending a dm to Alexandra Brady, our Community Manager. 

That Teacher Network is an LQBTQIA+ Safe Space

We absolutely do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, or harassment of any kind. We donate to LGBTQIA+ causes and will enforce a safe space for all community members. We reserve the right to revoke a membership for violating this rule at any time.

We generally encourage positivity, though we understand you need a safe space to vent occasionally. 

One more time for the people in the back... this is a GIVE FIRST community! It is whatever you create it to be.

Still good?! Ok, you're in! Choose your plan below to start.